ML02 DeLorean Time Machine Levitating Version

* Very Limited Quantity Left *

Shipping Date: June, 2019
Price: USD 307
The Estimate Released Date is for reference only. Final Shipping Date will be updated at this website from time to time. Shipping Dates are subject to change.

- Scale: 1/20
- Length: about 22cm
- Levitating Time Machine with Magnetic Floating Base
- Electro-Magnetic Power Transmission System
- Openable doors
- Changeable wheels (two sets) for normal scene and flying scene.
- Flame effect parts included
- 2 Bases: Magnetic Floating Base and Display Base
- More than 30 LED light-up features
- Magnetic Floating Base comes with light up function
**Prototype shown, final product may be slightly different
**Product details could be subjected to change without further notice
**AC/ DC adaptor is included. Input: 100-240V, 0.6A Max Output: 15V, 1A
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36选7开奖中奖奖金: Real Levitating!

黑龙江36选7福利彩票开奖结果查询 “Roads? Where We're Going? We Don't Need Roads”, Back To The Future Part II

Levitating Time Machine with Magnetic Floating Base

LED Lights-Up with Electro-Magnetic Power Transfer System

Over 30 points of Light-Up functions. With Electro-Magnetic Power Transfer function, the levitating base transfers wireless power to 30 light-up points on the floating DeLorean. No battery is needed for lighting up the car.

Chrome Finishing

Chrome plating finishing effect.  

Super Detailed

Doors & Mr Fusion


  • 1 X Static Mirror Stand Base, with electro-magnetic wireless power transfer function.  
  • 2 X Flame parts
  • 1 X Mini Grays Sports Almanac
  • 1 X Mini Pink Hover Board (about 35mm long)
  • 4 X Inter-changable wheels


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Development Team

Creative Producer: Kenneth Kan
Sculptor: Q Leung
Manufacturing Engineer: CM Wong
Marketing Manager: Stephen Chan

Released Date: 2015

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